Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

The LA Times Festival of Books has just announced its lineup, and I am delighted to say I will be appearing on a panel titled History: Unknown Los Angeles at 3:30 in Saturday April 25.

I will join fellow authors D.J. Waldie, who wrote Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir, and other books on Los Angeles and Chip Jacobs whose book Smogtown explores one of Los Angeles' most famous products. Bill Deverell, my old friend from Stanford and now the head of the USC-Huntington Center for the Study of California and the West, will moderate.

I have always wanted to go to this festival. Around 450 authors and 140,000 congregate on the campus of UCLA for a weekend. But since I live in the Bay Area, it's a little far to go. Now I have an excuse.

More info here.


Unknown said...

Hi Frances, I heard about you from my friend Ginny Roemer (you did a fundraiser for her son's school at their home in Berekely I think). She tells me we must meet. I'm going to be at the bookfair, so I'll aim to be part of the audience. I'm actually riding up from San Diego in a bus from a bookstore down there (I'm the bus entertainment -- to tell about how I had a funeral for my dream of landing a book contract for my first novel, Family Plots: Love, Death, and Tax Evasion.) Nice piece on the libraries. Just went to another friends launch at the Mechanics Library. Hope to see you soon. mpk

Susan Kitchens said...

Cool. I figured you HAD to be at this year's book festival, and just checked the festival website to make sure. Excellent. Just blogged it. I never posted that interview we did (it's mostly transcribed, I think); I figure that timing would be good for just before the festival.

Was at a conf @ USC this weekend. Saw Hellmann way on the campus map. AHA! I said, I know why that name is there!