Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oh No! Stacey's Books to Close!

I was surprised and saddened to open my Chronicle this morning and see that Stacey’s, the venerable bookstore on Market Street in San Francisco, is closing.

I had two wonderful encounters with the store just in the last two months, and countless others over the years,

I gave a lunchtime reading at Stacey’s for Towers of Gold on Nov. 18. It was one of the most pleasant readings I gave, for the space is next to a huge bank of windows looking out on Market Street. The area is bathed in natural light and there are comfy chairs to sit in and relax. Stacey’s sponsored hundreds of author talks at lunchtime each year, providing a nice intellectual lift-me-up for all of the city’s downtown office workers.

Stacey’s also supplied books for all the readings and events at the nearby Commonwealth Club. I did a panel there on California history for part of Litquake, and that was my other pleasant encounter.

Of course whenever I was shopping downtown and needed a break from the bright department store lights, I could duck into Stacey’s and browse through its wonderful collection.

Many people are lamenting the closing of this store, including Ed Champion, who now lives in New York, and Colleen Lindsey, a literary agent. Lindsey worked there for years, even doing a stint as the marketing and events manager, and said she is devastated. Here’s another tribute from Brad Craft, who worked there for 12 years.

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