Monday, November 24, 2008

Talk Radio in Los Angeles

I will be on the Larry Mantle Show in Los Angeles this morning. If you are in the area, please call in and ask questions about Towers of Gold and Isaias Hellman. I will be on at 11:30 a.m. The call numbers are 89.3.

I will fill in details about my whirlwind stay in LA, which got extended, when I return to the Bay Area.

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Susan Kitchens said...

you were great! I called the station afterwards to thank them for your segment. it was so short, I didn't want to call in w/ a question during your all-too-brief time on the air.

Larry Mantle's recommendation is good. When they post the show transcript get his "this is a must read" statement and add it to your blurbage. Woo hoo. That'll help spread the word (in a big way) in Los Angeles.

So! much! fun! to meet you Friday night! Great presentation.