Friday, September 12, 2008

Writers for Obama*Y_/SenatorBarackObama1.jpg With two months left before the election, Bay Area writers are stepping up their efforts to raise money for Barack Obama.

Ellen Sussman, the editor of Dirty Words, is hosting a $250 a head fundraiser with literary agent Ted Weinstein at her house in Los Altos on Sunday October 5. Dave Eggers, Daniel Handler, Ann Packer, and Tom Perrotta will be there. Top Bay area chefs, including Laurence Jossell of Nopa, will prepare lunch.

Ayelet Waldman, the author of the Mommy Track mystery series, sent out an email to just five of her writer friends asking for a donation of one of their books. Those writers forwarded the email to other writers and within a week Waldman had received hundreds of books in the mail, according to the Los Angeles Times book blog. She and her husband, Michael Chabon, will auction off the books at a fundraiser in San Francisco. Alice Waters will cook for the event. The couple has already raised $100,000 for Obama.


paul lamb said...

Excellent grassroots work for a worthy candidate. I hope Ellen Sussman and Ayelet Waldman aren't villified by the forces of darkness for being "community organizers."

The way I see it, John McCain is the perfect person to lead us into the 20th Century!

Anonymous said...

to Barack Obama from Cheneyville , we just pray and hope that u can accomplished wat u set out in your 4 yera and hope that u run for president. we also thank god that u are looking at everyone as 1 nation together thanks from Cheneyville