Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Stephanie Meyer Saga Continues

A few weeks ago I wrote about how my 13-year old daughter, who is generally indifferent to books, was consumed by the Twilight quartet. When my older daughter had devoured the Harry Potter series, I hadn’t been surprised because she loves books so much.

But Juliet has never had a close relationship with words, so I was delighted when she chose to read Stephanie Meyer’s books in one fell swoop instead of walking around the streets of London.

Last night, around midnight, as I was dozing in my bed, Juliet ran into the room to announce she had just read 100 pages. Of what? I thought as I lay there, not really focused on her words.

“On Stephanie Meyer’s new book about Edward.”

Oh yes, I remember reading earlier this week that Meyer had a book that had been leaked on the Internet. Meyer had not been finished with the book, called Midnight Sun, and in fact had not been pleased with its form at all. Yet she was so annoyed that someone had put her work on-line that she ended up posting the partially-completed manuscript on her own website.

The bad news about this is Meyer is so ticked off, she may not continue working on Midnight Sun.

The good news is that readers like my daughter Juliet are finding the work and are staying up until midnight to read it.

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