Monday, May 21, 2007

Just Stuff

The fabulously wicked Miss Snark, whose blog has attracted 2.5 million readers in the past two years, is closing down shop. She posted the news on May 19, and two days later had received more than 450 comments of dismay. No more gin-swilling, I love George Clooney comments!

The Believer magazine asked its readers to rank their favorite books of 2006. Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, leads the list. The publishers left off the names of two of the winners because they apparently work for the magazine. Let’s see, who they can be? Dave Eggers is a good guess. How about his wife Vendela Vida or co-editor of the magazine Heidi Julavits?

The best part of list is the comments section.

If you want to read one more tired rant of how bloggers don't know anything about book commentary and can't possibly contribute to the national dialogue about books, read this piece by Time reviewer Richard Schickel in the Los Angeles Times. And yes, he once admitted he never reads blogs.

Then go to this Technorati page and see the myriad of responses from various bloggers.

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