Monday, March 12, 2007

More Bookstore Blues

The San Francisco Business Times is reporting that Cody’s new San Francisco store on Stocketon Street might be closing.

A real estate broker is quietly shopping the space around.

It’s amazing that such a good bookstore in the heart of San Francisco’s downtown, where there is lots of foot traffic, can’t make it.

In Berkeley, local independent booksellers are happy at the news that the Barnes and Noble on Shattuck Avenue will close on May 31. I understand how they feel, but the closure will leave an already dull downtown area even more listless.

And don’t forget that Black Oak Books, further up on Shattuck, in the heart of the Gourmet Ghetto, has put itself up for sale.

Another cheery way to start the week.


LK said...

Bad news for the Bay Area. And for Berkeley Downtown.

Trendware AccuSync said...

I wonder. With Shakespeare and Co and Pegasus, not to mention Half Price, it seems like there's enough bookstores for the bibliophiles. But, yeah, I can see it being a problem for simply getting people out there.