Friday, January 05, 2007

Black Oak Books for Sale

Heidi Benson pointed out in today’s Chronicle that Black Oak Books has put itself up for sale. A fellow bookseller told me that their expansion into San Francisco was probably the culprit, as it’s hard to sustain two stores at once. Black Oak is one of those venerable Berkeley bookstores that has a great selection of new and used books and a lively events calendar featuring provocative authors. They also offer decent prices for used books. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but that hasn't helped in the past.

That news and the announcement that Advanced Marketing Systems has filed for bankruptcy is not a good way to start the New Year. AMS owns Publishers Group West, based in Berkeley, and that could mean a lot of local people lose their job. AMS is $200 million in debt to numerous publishers, including Random House and Simon & Schuster.

Publishing may be headed for a shakedown, just like the newspaper business. It’s only going to get uglier.


renee said...

Ack! Will the bad news never cease?!

Tracey said...

But then there is talk of John Gordon seeking application to open a bookstore on the corner of Ashby and College in Berkeley (much to the consternation of Mrs Dalloway's). What's that all about (and happy new year to you!)

Scott Hughes said...

That's certainly a shame. I've got my fingers crossed too.

Scott Hughes
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