Thursday, June 01, 2006

Maya Angelou Calling Me?

I just got a “personal” phone call from Maya Angelou urging me to vote for Ron Dellums for mayor of Oakland. Gee, that sure beats the phone call I got from current Mayor Jerry Brown suggesting I vote for the candidate Ignacio de la Fuente.

There is something so melodic about Angelou’s voice. Did you know she grew up in Oakland?


Oakland Native said...

Are you SURE Maya Angelous grew up in Oakland? I really don't think that's true. I think she's just one of a parade of non-Oaklanders trying to get Dellums elected.

Frances said...

She said she was raised in Oakland on her phone message. I know her son lives in Oakland.

Zennie Abraham said...

Hey Frances,
Pay no attention to the "Oakland Native" as this was the same person who voted for Jerry Brown even though Brown didn't have the kind of detailed campaign that he now wants from Dellumns. Geez.

Vote for Ron Dellums.

Les said...

They still do that?!? Two years ago, when I lived in Oakland, I had countless messages on my machine from Bill Clinton.....

Does that happen anywhere else aside from the Bay Area?