Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another Way to Measure Yourself

Bud Parr, who put together the interesting site Metaxucafe, which gathers the headlines of various lit blogs, is now editor of related site that will either make you deliriously happy or deeply depressed.

It’s called The Literature List and its on a new site called PubSub. The main purpose seems to be to rank various books blogs and show if their readership goes up or down on any particular day.

For example, a site named Catch and Release got the most new traffic on Wednesday May 31. Other big winners included Gwenda Bond’s site, Shaken and Stirred.

I don’t know what this all means in the greater scheme of things, except to make me depressed by how little traffic Ghost Word gets. (Down 4% on Wednesday) But it’s definitely a great time-waster and an introduction to a bunch of literary blogs I had never heard of. So click through and enjoy!


Bud Parr said...

Thanks, Frances - Hopefully the list will help people find sites and help sites be found.

They should probably explain it better on the site, but those rankings are not for traffic, but for links in to the site - so you could still have good traffic, but on any given day if there are no links to you and other people do have links, you'll move down the list.

It's certainly not a measure of quality, but something more like sociability or where conversations happen to be at any given time.


Steven said...


Bud is right in that we measure on links. But, it's not just the number of links, but the quality of the links. It's also a great place to find new blogs in your field of interest as well as run queries within a subset of content.

If you have any questions about PubSub, please feel free to contact me.

And don't get depressed if your ranking goes down. Keep doing what you do best. :-)

Steven Cohen
PubSub Concepts, Inc