Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I know I should muster up my enthusiasm and delve right in to the world of books. But I can’t. It’s too dreary.

The Bay Area is feeling the effects of global warming. It has rained nearly every day for the past month. Not a light, sweet drizzle but a pounding relentless rain, punctuated by fierce downpours. 100-year old records have been broken in San Francisco, Oakland, and elsewhere.

The hills are so saturated they are beginning to slide. I live high up in the hills and every day I have to navigate my car through mud and running water. There are boulders in the street and I am afraid one will soon come crashing through my windshield. My car is so covered in mud it looks like one of those ads for an all-terrain vehicle.

It’s so yucky out that I try not to leave home. I have four books on reserve at the library, books I have been waiting months for, yet I haven’t retrieved them yet.

It’s supposed to dry up Thursday before a new set of storms move in Friday. Rain is forecast through the weekend and even beyond that.

The Chronicle had a bit of good news today. The new owners of the San Francisco Examiner are donating the paper’s archives to the Bancroft Library. The Examiner was William Randolph Hearst’s flagship paper, and the archives include articles and photographs from the late 19th century to the present. There are 5 million pieces, which means it will take years to catalogue the collection and make it available to scholars, but the collection will be a real boon to those studying California history.


Susan said...

I know. The rain is really getting me down too. I was thrilled to death about our upcoming trip to Mexico, and I just checked in on the weather channel, and the 6-10 day forecast predicts thundershowers, showers, showers, rain, and more rain. I could just cry.

ed said...

It's a question of willpower. The sun WILL eventually return. This much is certain. But what we have here is a colossal staredown between us and the forces of nature. Inevitably, we will win. And besides, we really can't complain too much, because there was a shitload of sunshine in San Francisco last year. :)