Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Late April Tidbits

The Online Journalism Review asked a group of bloggers whether newspapers will ever get their blogs right. (via LA Observed)

Jane Jacobs died this morning at age 89. I saw her talk last year at San Francisco’s City Arts and Lectures and was struck how her outside-the-box attitude let her see cities in such a revealing way.

The board of directors of the National Book Critics Circle started a blog this week. It’s called Critical Mass.

More reports of plagiarism. This author got $500,000 for her novel, which now turns out to be based on someone else’s. I get tired just reading this.


lisa said...

Newspapers can't even make newspapers right most days, so it is pretty funny to see them all jumping up to the blog line.

Tracey Taylor said...

What's outrageous about the 19-year-old's plagiarism case (19? I mean for God's sake) is how the publishing establishment rushes to defend her. Don't they have any pride? BTW, what's the beach picture?