Sunday, November 06, 2005

Prince Charles

Michael Pollan, the author of Botany of Desire and a professor at Berkeley’s Journalism School, had dinner Saturday night with the Prince of Wales and his wife, Camilla. It was the second dinner for Pollan and the prince; Charles apparently is a big fan of Pollan’s articles on organic food.

The private dinner was held at Manka’s Inn in Inverness, a mystical hotel/restaurant set deep in a grove of trees. The interior is all beams and wood, illuminated by numerous fireplaces. It feels like a medieval banquet hall, though on a more intimate scale. The restaurant is renowned for serving wild meats like boar and venison.

Saturday’s dinner, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, included leek soup, smoked salmon, duck legs braised in wine over cassoulet, a frisee salad, a cheese course, and tarte. Wine from Bolinas winemaker Sean Thackery was also on the menu.

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