Thursday, November 10, 2005

Celebrities and their "Books"

Rake’s Progress calls this the best laugh he’s had all week. He’s referring to the opening chapter of Nicole Richie’s novel, The Truth About Diamonds.

Rake’s right. It’s among the worst prose I have ever read.

“Chloe Parker would be a terrible role model if she were famous. Trouble is that she was about to be.

It started innocently enough, or as innocent as you can get on the dance floor of one of the hottest clubs in L.A.

The nightclubs of L.A. are like soap operas, except they're not Days of Our Lives; they're more like Passions -- crazy stuff happens, and no one bats a fake eyelash. There's always some bizarre drama that plays out every night, and everyone in the cast -- I mean, everyone -- is great looking, stoned, and/or drunk. It's like a traveling freak show that stars the youngest and hottest in Hollywood. It's about fun, and sex, and pseudo-danger. "

She makes Paris Hilton look good.

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