Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday Morning Thoughts

It looks like there is a writer moonlighting as a police officer in San Francisco. His reports of various crimes have been garnering praise. Here’s a taste and a place to find more.

“He had not run for very long before he realized the two cops were only pacing him. They could see something he could not. With each frantic step a sense of dread nagged at him. The more calm and calculating they were, the further behind he left his common sense, and his panic ratcheted up. As he ran, the black and white radio car glided silently along behind like a predatory whale.”

Maureen Dowd penned a lovely ode to her mother, who just died at 97. She wasn’t famous, but was a proflific letter writer.

Mark Arax and Rick Wartzman just won the William Saroyan award in non-fiction for The King of California.

Mere Observation takes umbrage at Ed Champion’s description of writer Rebecca Solnit. A.D. calls him "assholian."

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