Thursday, July 14, 2005

Blog Celebrity

Summer is an interlude, a time when normal schedules and routines are ignored, replaced by easier rhythms. Bedtime is later, rising is later, everything seems to get put off. I don’t have to rush around in the morning getting my kids ready for school, or play the cop at night and force them into bed. I care less if they watch a late movie or sleep past 9 a.m.

But a summer schedule means everything is delayed, including responsibilities I want to tackle. I’ve been absent from this blog and feeling guilty about it, which is absurd, since the beauty of blogging is that it has no rules.

But like everything in America, that’s changing. Now there’s a site that categorizes blogs into A list blogs, B list blogs, and C list blogs. Blogebrity was started by two students at the University of Southern California with the express purpose of winning a contest put on by the search site Technorati, but has become very popular. Sadly, there are only two book bloggers on the list – and they don’t even make the “A” list. Maud Newton and Sarah Weiman, who writes the Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind, make the “C” list. (Frankly, I haven’t heard of most of the bloggers on the “A” list.)

The list itself has made news.

“Since fame equals attention, and attention draws visitors—which can be converted into dollars through online advertising—fame on the Internet can directly generate money. It may or may not translate into romantic success at a hotel bar, but being famous on the Internet is beginning to grant plenty of other benefits.” (via Mere Observation)

God, now there’s another thing to obsess over.

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