Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sean Wilsey Redux

Can this Sean Wilsey book, Oh The Glory of It All get any bigger? It looks like the San Francisco Chronicle plans to run a 7-part serialization of the book, due to be released any day now. Seven parts? That’s nearly as long as one of reporter Mike Weiss’ pieces. (Remember, he’s the one who followed a grape from the vine to the bottle. The story ran for something like 39 parts and will now be made into a book, A Thing of Desire).

The Chronicle is banking that society types and wanna be society types will be interested in the dirty details of the Pat Montandon-Al Wilsey-Dede Traina Wilsey triangle, the one sprinkled with a bit of Danielle Steele. There is sex and drugs and acting out as well. This must be a circulation ploy.

Not to be left out, San Francisco Magazine is also planning a close look at the book.


Bob Holmgren said...

The Chronicle likes to have it both ways. First, their official position is hating the rich in a Marxist sort of way, but next is the realization that alot of what gets done in the city requires people with money to tell everyone how they spent it. Sean Wilsey let's them have both. said...

I am in the middle of Sean Wilsey's mesmorizing book, "Oh, The Glory Of It All" and after looking at pictures of Dede Wilsey, (she reminds me of a huge shark, all those teeth) I am surprised that Sean made it out of that psychodrama at all! I think his sense of humor and perspective of the situation helped to get him through this nightmare called Dede!I am enjoying this book more and more with each chapter, and it simply amazes me how cruel the wealthy can be. Sean, you made it!!