Monday, May 02, 2005

100,000 Readers and Counting ....

Beatrice is one of my favorite blogs, with its mix of author interviews, book reviews, and general observations about the literary life. Its writer, Ron Hogan, has just revealed this astonishing fact: 100,000 people visited his site in April. That is an amazing statistic, one that puts some meat behind the oft-suggested notion that literary blogs are making a difference in the book world. Hogan is way too modest about this milestone:

"I just took a look at my stats, folks, and thanks to a huge leap in daily readership over the last few weeks, the Beatrice audience has easily surpassed 100,000 readers for the month of April. Thanks for coming--and staying! I hope I'll be able to make May even more exciting for you... and since it's both Latino Books Month and time to start Reading the World, things should be pretty lively. (Plus we've got three Author2Author chats already in the can, covering everything from chick lit crime to historical fantasy and transsexual fiction. But not all at once."

I’m lucky to have 100 readers a day.

Still, this blogging business is so much fun. I do it because I love books, writing, authors, etc, not because there’s any glory in it. I've met fellow bloggers -- on-line and in person, talked to new authors, been inspired to go to more literary events than every before. I can express my opinion whenever about whatever. I think everyone should try it

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