Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Thieves Come in the Night

I woke up this morning to find someone had broken into my office overnight and had stolen my Mac and laptop. (I am writing this on my husband’s computer) Now my car has been broken into numerous times but this theft feels personal. The burglar had to walk down our front steps and around a path to open a sliding glass door.

What’s most funny is that he left behind two old PCs. I guess even thieves prefer Macs.

And then he had the nerve to take our New York Times.

I had all sorts of stuff on that computer, including a draft of a book proposal. I think I am backed up but it will take a day or so to make sure.

But now my cozy (and always-messy) office doesn’t feel quite the samel/


Sheri said...

When something similar happened to me the only word I could think of was "violated."

Although the chances are slim, I hope they catch the whackadoodle. Part of the punishment should be that you get to give the perpetrator a piece of your mind!

Ilana said...

That is scary! especially given that it is part of your home.

Romney Steele said...

Frances, this is awful-I'm so sorry, and no doubt it feels personal. It reminds me that I need to back up too, and pay more attention to my surroundings. Take care, Romney

Laura K. Cowan said...

That's terrible! I'm sorry that happened to you. I just discovered your blog. I really like it. Keep it up. I'm also a writer (and editor).

Laura K. Cowan

drmabuse said...

Oh no! Please tell me you had a backup.

Frances said...

Luckily I did have back up -- up until 11 days before the computer was stolen. Something went wrong with the external hard drive. But I didn't lose anything too important.

James G. Leventhal said...

this is horrible, sorry to hear.