Sunday, March 28, 2010

The fallout from the closure of Nummi

I have a story in today’s New York Times about the imminent closing of the Nummi plant in Fremont. It focuses on some of the suppliers who produce component parts for Toyota. Nummi's closure will put  4,700 people out of work. More than 20,000 others will be out of a job as the as the car factory's suppliers close. The closure is going to have a major impact in northern California.

I went to visit Injex Industries in Hayward, which makes interior door panels and other plastic parts for Nummi. I was really impressed by the plant and the people who work there. It’s a mini-United Nations with people from all over the world. One woman I quoted has learned four languages on the job.

The factory wasn’t what I imagined either. It was clean and fairly quiet. They could produce an interior car panel in 58 seconds flat. Amazing,

You can read the story here.

Writing for the New York Times is one reason I haven’t been posting often. The other reason is my new endeavor: Berkeleyside. It’s a website focusing on Berkeley news. And believe me, there is a lot of news in Berkeley, from the mundane to the profound. I am working with two friends, both experienced journalists, Lance Knobel and Tracey Taylor. Please stop by.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blogs and Berkeleyside. Keep up the great work. Regards, Sam Singer

Spicy Green Mango said...

Hi Frances!

Thanks for contacting me about my blog! I'd love for my photos to be featured on Berkeleyside as long as I'm credited for my work. Berkeley holds a special place in my heart, so I wish you all the best with this new endeavor!

:) Chandara {}