Monday, December 07, 2009

Where to find McSweeney's Panorama newspaper

Panorama, the 320-page "newspaper" conceived and executed by Dave Eggers and McSweeney's, hits the streets tomorrow, Tuesday Dec 8.

Interestingly, since Eggers billed this as an attempt to reinvent and reinvigorate the newspaper, Panorama will be sold for $5 in independent bookstores around the Bay Area. By doing this, Eggers acknowledges the importance of independents.

Panorama has also engaged numerous volunteers who will walk the streets of San Francisco hawking the paper, a practice that harks back to the golden age of papers when newspapers would often run extra editions to get out breaking news.

McSweeney's publisher Oscar Villalon tweeted a request for newsies on Twitter last week.

Here's a list of bookstores and street corners where you can find Panorama. You can also order it on SFGate, but for $13.

The New York Times Bay Area blog has a Q and A with Eggers.


Alan said...

"A Community's Bricks and Mortar: Karibu" Read it at

Ilana D. said...

Just wondering... if it is 320 pages, and costs $5, and comes out on a monthly (?) rather than daily basis, isn't it a magazine rather than a newspaper?

Frances said...

Actually, the paper was available for $5 only in San Francisco. In the East Bay and elsewhere, it was $16. I think this is a one-time effort, not something on-going.

And you are right. It is a newspaper in looks only.