Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I Need a Vacation

Posting has been really light on Ghost Word ever since my book was released in November. I have found myself juggling so many balls -- promoting my book, talking to readers, setting up events, traveling, mothering my children, serving on two non-profit boards, blogging here at and at the San Francisco Chronicle, trying -- in vain -- to figure out Twitter, searching for a new book topic, etc etc. Sounds like a typical average American woman.

It's been a great five months and I am thrilled that Towers of Gold has been well-received. The best part of the experience has been hearing that people found the book informative and a good read.

I got an email from a cousin today and I can't believe what she said:

"Recently a dear cousin passed away from pancreatic cancer. Just 10 days before he died I decided he might enjoy either having read to him or reading Towers of Gold. Eric was the chronicler of our family history and with his passing goes a wealth of information some of which was documented.

He called me just before he died to say how touched and moved he was by your book, how pleased he was to have lived long enough to read it and see Obama elected. Not bad company eh
I thought you would appreciate hearing this as it IS these small things that make doing what we do resonate."

An email like that puts everything in perspective. The writing and research of a book is the work that grounds a writer; the marketing is the part that drives a writer crazy. So it was nice to be told that my book entertained someone in his last days and that he found it valuable and interesting enough to spend his limited time with it.

I started this post to say I was going to take a break, but as usual I can't say no to anything. But I just wanted to explain my sparse posts.

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