Thursday, April 16, 2009

Readings, Readings, and More Readings

“A story, after all, does not only belong to the one who is telling it. It belongs, in equal measure, to the one who is listening.”

That will be the theme of a reading tonight at 7 pm Orinda Books, part of a tour of a group of women authors. Michelle Richmond, Susan Freinkel, Brenda Webster, Jessica Barksdale Inclan and I will be reading from our respective books. We will also talk about the power of stories to change, to create self, to shape history and memory.

We are all members of WOM-BA, or Word of Mouth Bay Area. (weird name, I know, and a long and not-particularly interesting story.) It’s a group of women who have all published. We get together monthly and through e-mail to talk about writing.

This tour – and there will be two other segments with different authors May 7 and 14th at at Bookshop West Portal in San Francisco – was conceived and put together by Elizabeth Stark. She is the author of Shy Girl and energetic organizer who also writes a very entertaining blog.

Please come.

I also want to put in a plug for the Northern California Book Awards, which take place Sunday April 19 at 1 pm at the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library. The awards nominate authors in various categories, including fiction, creative non fiction, translation, non-fiction, poetry and children’s book. Dozens of authors are coming to celebrate the work of Northern California writers.

Towers of Gold has been nominated in the general non-fiction category.

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