Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tony Horwitz and his Long Strange Trip This is something I haven’t seen before. An author’s blog hosted on a newspaper site.

Tony Horwitz, the author of the fabulous Confederates in the Attic, is promoting his new book, A Trip Long and Strange. It’s an exploration of America before the pilgrims sailed over on the Mayflower, the missing century as he puts it. Tony, like many authors, is blogging about his book tour. You can access the blog from his website, but you can also find it on the USA Today website.

Now Amazon has been hosting blogs of the authors it sells and many bookstores ask authors to guest blog. But I have never seen this marriage of author, publishing, and newspaper. It’s actually a great idea, as it brings an author to a broader audience. (via Julia Flynn Siler)

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