Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Detritus of Life

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Martin Gee, a Mercury News designer, has posted a series of photos of the remainders of the dozens of journalists who recently left the building. It's all as you would expect -- empty desks, empty bulletin boards, stacks of chairs, etc -- and quite moving. (via Peninsula Press Club)

John King, the Chronicle's architectural critic, talks about the new Cody's Books on Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley and how bookstores contribute to neighborhood life.

Lisa Margonelli won a Northern California Book Award in nonfiction for her book Oil on the Brain: Adventures From the Pump to the Pipeline. Cristina Garcia won the fiction prize for A Handbook to Luck. Robert Hass won the prize in poetry for Time and Materials. You can find a complete list of winners here.

Lucky authors can be on their very own trading cards. The latest to get this honor?
Bonk author Mary Roach.

The Grotto, the San Francisco Writers' Collective, has started its own blog.

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