Saturday, February 16, 2008


Leslie Crawford, a friend and member of my writing group North 24th, wrote a wonderful piece this month for San Francisco Magazine all about the anxieties caused by global warming. We know its coming (or is here, if you haven’t stuck your head in the sand like George W. Bush). We try to do our part by changing to compact fluorescent light bulbs and walking whenever possible, but the depressing reality is that our environment is disintegrating at a rapid rate. Some people are so frightened and paralyzed by this that they seek out the attention of therapists.

Well, it was a great story, which was to be expected as Leslie is a wonderful and insightful writer. San Francisco Magazine is big and glossy and chock full of fashion ads but it also offers cutting edge journalism. Its editor Bruce Kelley always manages to put out a magazine that I actually want to read, rather than flip through. And did I mention that my brother, Steven Dinkelspiel, is the president of the magazine?

All of this is a long way of saying that the New York Times ran a front page story on Saturday about eco-Moms, women who get together to try and use environmentally safe products in their homes. Mentioned prominently in Patricia Leigh Brown's piece was Leslie’s article from San Francisco Magazine. There was even a sidebar on eco-anxiety. And by 9 am California time, the story was the second-most emailed story from the Times.

This is just one more example of how California is on the leading edge of social and political movements. Not only are we organizing to fight global warming, we are in the forefront of a self-help movement to assist us in the long battle.

By the way, Leslie and her son Sam are the authors of City Walks with Kids: San Francisco, a boxed deck of 50 cards that map entertaining walks parents can do with their kids (Chronicle Books 2007).


August said...

With such a serious subject, adding the -Bush- remark was unnecessary. Global Warming, and pollution in general, is a world problem not limited to one leader who ignores the problem. All the efforts of the United States are worthless without full cooperation of all other developing nations. And changing lightbulbs and walking more mean nothing in the global picture. Every individual should do his/her part, but should
not believe that only their action will make a significant change.

All Presidents and administrations have ignored climate change while holding hands with special interest groups, fearing resulting economic damage. Perhaps a new crew in DC will give this the important attention that it deserves.

However, to ease eco-anxiety, one should do 'objective' research on the subject and avoid sky-is-falling bandwagons. Timetables and other data are greatly exagerrated by Global Warming radicals, and optional or opposing views are seldom heard in the mainstream media. Mother Nature is still in charge and can make sudden and unpredicted changes, whether or not it may be revenge against mankind's activities.

A calm, sensible, openminded approach is required on this subject, not knee-jerk reactions by either individuals or politicians.

Gus Walters
Saint Louis

Anonymous said...

You rock mentioning my article and the NYTs article today! Thank you thank you thank you! xo Leslie