Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Carmel Authors and Ideas Festival and Other Musings

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A number of people have told me that they saw the announcement of my talk at the Magnes Museum too late to attend. They saw it too late because they are checking my blog less often, now that I am posting less often.
I guess I am in kind of a lull. I am working hard on my book and that consumes a lot of my energy. I keep seeing events that I think I should blog about, or read books on which I should offer commentary, but somehow I put it off.
But I will be going to the Carmel Authors and Ideas Festival this weekend, and plan to take lots of pictures of all the glamorous authors and participants. I promise I will post them.
This is the festival that was literally thrown together in a few months by Jim and Cindy McGillen of Carmel. Despite the short timetable, the organizers have lined up a fabulous set of speakers, including Seymour Hersh, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Douglas Brinkley, Elizabeth Edwards, Frank McCourt, and John Grogan.
Bay Area authors also will be well represented. I am going as a guest of Julia Flynn Siler. Other authors include Tamim Answary, Jason Roberts, Kemble Scott, Beth Lisick, and Lolly Winston, among many others.


James G. Leventhal said...

And so we wrap up yer literary wkend w/ the jfcs event at the Oakland Museum? "Featuring a special presentation by local literary couple
Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman"...looking forward to hearing about the Carmel literary event wkend kickoff events.

donna said...

so, how was that $500-a-head book fest?l