Monday, August 20, 2007

More good feelings from The WIre

It's The Wire week here on Ghost Word. Gee, I wonder when the show comes back on?

Anyway, in another it's too good to be true story, the man who inspired the machine-gun totting yet ethical drug dealing Omar, got married this week to the woman who inspired one of the show's many drugged out characters. She was nothing but a junkie on the street when he started to call her from prison, where he was serving time for murder. The matchmaker? None other than David Simon, the show's creator.

Their marriage got a large write-up in the New York Times' wedding section:

"Among those at the wedding were Mr. Simon, the executive producer, writer and creator of “The Wire,” and the cast members Dominic West, who plays Detective James McNulty; Sonja Sohn, who plays Detective Shakima Greggs; and Andre Royo, who plays Bubbles."

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Anonymous said...

Omar doesn't actually deal (save perhaps on a supplier level); he's more of a Robin Hood-esque character --- stealing "packages" and dough from the drug-rich dealers and redistributing those . . . he's not the handshake drug deal type that's normally associated with dealers.

He also doesn't use a machine gun; he uses a sawed-off shotgun in most cases, or a handgun when he needs to tuck something small in the waistband.

Omar is teh awesome. Oh, indeed.