Friday, July 20, 2007

A lot of Shakin' and Rattling were woken up around 4:42 a.m. this morning by the strongest earthquake we have felt in years. Our house jolted and moved and then lurched some more, prompting me to yell at my daughters to take cover under a door frame. I was so anxious for protection that I fled my bedroom and neglected to take my glasses with me, so I held on blindly until the shaking stopped. It was a 4.2 but the epicenter was near our house, so we really felt it.

Jim Wooten, formerly of ABC News, has written a moving tribute to David Halberstam. The two met as young men covering Senator Al Gore, Sr.’s campaign in Tennessee and talked nearly daily for decades.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has sold a memoir to Doubleday. It will be interesting to see how this compares the biography being written by former Chronicle reporter Marc Sandalow.

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Morgan said...

Frances - It feels like we lost a 'good friend' when David Halberstam passed away. I know I'll miss him. Sigh. Moving on - I think Marc Sandalow's book will be non-fiction, Ms. Pelosi's memoir will be something else. This is for you - Great site!