Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Thoughts of the Departed

John Curley, who lost his job as the Chronicle's deputy managing editor on Monday, shows a picture of his work cubicle and offers some thoughts on being dismissed:

"Even though this is officially termed a "reduction in force," I am surprised and dismayed that the organization thinks it can have a future without me. To be honest, I thought I'd get the chance to help lead the paper where it needed to go to compete successfully in the digital age. But instead, off I go."

He says he's not bitter, just sad. (via California Authors)

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Anonymous said...

If it isn't apparent by now, these new cuts that are coming shows MediaNews could care less about the Mercury News or its subscribers. The Mercury News is now but a shadow of what it was. And that shadow is getting paler as time goes on. I feel sorry for the dedicated staff that has to put up with this crap. Hurricane Dean has certainly wreaked enough damage in a short time.