Monday, April 16, 2007

Chiori Santiago

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I just heard the very sad news that Bay Area author Chiori Santiago passed away on Saturday. She had been suffering from kidney cancer.

Chiori was an amazing woman -- spirited, fiesty in the best sense of the word and determined to make her community a better place. Every conversation was full of laughs. She delighted in people, their strengths and their foibles. I got to know her through work we did together at Park Day School. Our children were not in the same grades but we were friendly nonetheless.

Chiori was a freelance writer who wrote articles, poems, and books. I loved her children's book, Home to Medicine Mountain, the true story of two boys who escape from an Indian boarding school in the 1930s. It was an engaging book for children that illustrated how hope can prevail in the face of racism and injustice. It won all sorts of awards.

You can read more of Chiori's work here.

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Susan said...

Oh! That is really sad. I loooooved that Medicine Mountain book and hadn't really connected it with her. What a loss.