Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blogging in the summertime

I’m not the only blogger who has bowed out during the summer. The Wall Street Journal tells all:

“In the height of summer-holiday season, bloggers face the inevitable question: to blog on break or put the blog on a break? Fearing a decline in readership, some writers opt not to take vacations. Others keep posting while on location, to the chagrin of their families. Those brave enough to detach themselves from their keyboards for a few days must choose between leaving the site dormant or having someone blog-sit."


Lloyd said...

If you think family responsibilities are ppreventing you from "blogging" what about your family responsibilities for entertaining your family with your blog?

may204 said...

I never knew that blogging is a hindrance to spending time with your family. I think it just all about "quality time" or " time management"