Monday, May 01, 2006

LA Times Festival of Books

Luke Ford weighs in on the LA Times Festival of Books, which drew 127,000 people over the weekend. He’ is shocked by the performance of David Kipen, the Chronicle’s former book editor. Kipen was on a panel called The Outsiders: Independent Film Today, with panelist-authors Peter Biskind, Marshall Fine, Kenneth Turan and moderator Rocky Lang. This is what Ford says:

“Kipen has the appalling manners to eat a complete meal while serving on the panel. He stuffs his face with several different dishes, but pauses at times to wipe his face and weigh in with his opinions.

I've seen a hundred or so panels in my life, and even witnessed the painful spectacle of panelists chewing gum while pouring out their views, but I've never seen anybody eat while on a panel. Who raised David Kipen? Wolves? Aborigines?

Turan has the bad luck to sit next to Kipen and watches him appalled.”

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