Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Resolutions for 2006

I am vowing to stick to the books already on my bookshelves – at least for awhile.

This Brit plans to switch from reading trash to reading quality.

Mr. Ed Champion has challenged himself to read 75 books this year, and he’s looking for readers to take up the gauntlet.

Stefanie vows to buy fewer books this year – but then hesitates when she considers she is going to Hay-on-Wye this spring, home to the world’s largest concentration of books. She also plans to cut down on her “to be read” pile. Somehow I think she is going to lose on this one.

MJ Rose wants to get authors to adopt readers.

Michelle Richmond, who doesn’t have a non-literary bone in her body, vows to read a potboiler.

Susan plans to be more of a smartass.

Ms. Snark, after running 99 synopses through her crapometer, is excused from any New Year’s resolutions.

Thanks to Bookslut and Galleycat

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