Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blogs in a Police Investigation

This has got to be a first: a 46-year old US Naval officer returning home from Bahrain was allegedly murdered Dec. 18 by his 26-year old wife and her teenage boyfriend. Nothing so unusual about that. But the victim, Paul Berkley kept a blog, as did his wife, Monique, and hs son and daughter. (no links available) Friends and family have been using the blogs to write about their reactions to his death. The police have scoured the blogs for clues as well.

A few days after her father’s murder, his daughter Becky wrote:

'It's all just so ironic, isn't it? My dad was in the Middle East for months and months and didn't get shot. ... then he came home, where you'd assume he'd be much safer ... and then, all this happened.'

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