Friday, September 16, 2005

Hurricane Katrina and the Book Deals It Spawned

Hurricane Katrina happened just a little more than two weeks ago and already the book deals are accumulating. How do people react so quickly and think, hey maybe there’s a book in here somewhere?

These have been reported by Publisher’s Marketplace:

Tulane University professor and historian Douglas Brinkley's THE GREAT DELUGE, a book about New Orleans, juxtaposing the human drama wrought by Hurricane Katrina through personal and eyewitness accounts with a rich historical perspective of his city, to Claire Wachtel at Morrow, in a major deal, by Lisa Bankoff at ICM .

New Orleans Times-Picayune city editor Jed Horne's insider's narrative account of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, locating its roots in the culture and politics of the city of New Orleans and in the national politics of oil, homeland security, poverty, and race relations, and following the initial reconstruction efforts and investigation into the government's response to the crisis, to Tim Bartlett at Random House, by Claudia Menza of the Menza-Barron Agency.

Hurricane Katrina CNN Reports: State of Emergency, a chronological account of the network's coverage through transcripts and photos, to Andrews McMeel, for release in mid-October 2005, in an announced 150,000-copy trade paperback first printing, produced by packager Michael Reagan at Lionheart Books. CNN will donate all royalties to Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief and the publisher will match the donation.

Please note that the last book will be on the shelves in a month.

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