Friday, March 04, 2005

I'll Have To Stop Spilling The Secrets

Bloggers aren't journalists and don't have protections under California's Shield Law, a judge tentatively ruled today. This is not good news in this ever-changing world where more and more people look to blogs or online news sites for information. The judge ruled that three bloggers who released confidential information on new Apple products had no right to refuse to name their sources.

"What's at stake here is whether online and independent journalists will be granted the same rights as ones from traditional media," said Ms Annalee Newitz, a policy analyst for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

"Given that so many journalists correspond with their sources via e-mail, this would severely undermine those journalists' abilities to guarantee their sources any kind of confidentiality," she said.

The lines are blurring between traditional and new media. (via RawStory.)

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